At the heart of our Company is a passion for creativity, which is infused throughout all aspects of the business, from product development, packaging, selling, marketing, and merchandising.

We are a vertically integrated Vietnam-based manufacturer that has built strong brands in the wellness, lifestyle and casual furniture categories. Our products are offered in innovative vacuum eco-compressed packaging for retail stores and internet retailers worldwide. Our headquarters’ is in a 18,000 square foot plant, located in a suburb of Bienhoa city, Dongnai Province, Vietnam with over 50 employees.

The Company also manages, markets, and distributes products directly through several websites that include:,,,,, TARU-Made furniture private label services and TARU-School specialty products.

To make products that work together in comfort, simplicity and beauty. To care about our people and reward their performance. To create jobs for sewing artisans and manufacturing experts. To re-purpose and recycle our polyurethane foam trim, reducing landfill waste and carbon emissions. To vacuum compress our products in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint and delivery costs. Guide our product and practice towards sustaining the environment including those of our suppliers. To support our local community by offering on-the-job training. To be driven by passion and ideas. To create wealth through profits and growth. To take a long term view of the future.